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ATTENTION: RESIDENTS OF THE HOME STORE.....Are you thinking about BUYING a home?
November 16, 2015

Although we may have helped you RENT your current home, did you know your leasing agent from The Home Store is also an expert in helping people BUY homes?  That's right....both Patti Brown and Sandra McGee are also purchase experts and that's exactly why they are on our team.  We hope you are one of the thousands who enjoyed working with them to find your current home.  Please let them help you with the next one.

If you are ready, or even thinking about buying a home, please contact one of these two amazing Realtors.  You can find them and see their profile at the following links:

click here for Patti Brown.......http://www.thehomestoresite.com/about/Team-Members/Patti-Brown

click here for Sandra McGee......http://www.thehomestoresite.com/about/Team-Members/Sandra-McGee

I know they will work hard and smart for you.  

Thank you,

Brad Cohen

Owner of The Home Store